As you may know, in early 2012 we discontinued the production of digital picture frames.  While the KODAK Pulse frames have been discontinued for over six years we have still maintained the service, so customers could enjoy sending and receiving images.  However, the KODAK Pulse Frame server stopped working and, regrettably, we haven't been able to recover it.  The service and technology is outdated and, we are sorry to say, it can no longer be effectively maintained.  This includes the PULSE digital picture frame website, activation of frames, and other Internet-connected features. However, you may be pleased to know, any working Pulse Frame will still be able to display pictures stored in the internal memory or from an attached USB drive/memory card.  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Table of Contents

Product Overview

  1. Getting started
    • KODAK PULSE Digital Frame with activity sensors
    • KODAK PULSE Digital Frame
    • How do I know which model I have?
    • Attaching the power cable
    • Automatic on and off
    • Setting your language
    • Connecting to your wireless network
    • Activating your frame—
    • Adding pictures to your digital frame
    • Secure, WPS, non-broadcasting, and other special network conditions
    • Is this PULSE Digital Frame a gift?
  2. Viewing pictures
    • Viewing pictures on your digital frame
    • Searching for and viewing pictures
    • Receiving pictures wirelessly
    • Sending a quick comment
    • Scrolling through your pictures
    • Rotating pictures
    • Displaying picture information
    • Viewing pictures as a collage
    • Changing transition type and time
    • Viewing pictures from a memory card or USB device
    • Copying pictures from a memory card or USB device
    • Deleting pictures
  3. Health Check
    • Opening the Health check screen
    • Checking wireless network status
    • About—Checking PULSE Digital Frame information
    • Network—Setting up a new or advanced network
    • Help—Getting more information
    • Updating digital frame firmware
  4. Troubleshooting and support
    • Getting help on your digital frame
    • Troubleshooting problems with your digital frame
    • Learning more about your digital frame
    • Learning more about activity sensors
  5. Appendix
    • PULSE Digital Frame specifications
    • Important safety instructions
    • Cleaning your digital frame
    • Additional care and maintenance
    • Limited warranty
    • Regulatory compliance and advisory