In early 2012 we discontinued the production of digital picture frames.  While the KODAK Pulse frames had been discontinued for over six years, we had maintained the service, so customers could enjoy sending and receiving images.  

However, in 2018 when the KODAK Pulse Frame service stopped working, we haven't been able to recover it.  The service and technology is outdated and, we are sorry to say, it can no longer be effectively maintained.  This includes the PULSE digital picture frame website, activation of frames, and other Internet-connected features. However, you may be pleased to know, any working Pulse Frame will still be able to display pictures stored in the internal memory or from an attached USB drive/memory card.  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.  

Can I download my pictures from my frame?
Unfortunately, no, as copying images from the internal memory was not part of the frame's design.

Can I get my pictures from the Pulse website?
Regrettably, no, as the website along with all the connected frame amenities are no longer in service.  However, even if the web site was functional, that capability was not available.  It was assumed the owner of the image would retain the full jpg file.