In P, A, S, M, or C modes, you can select the exposure metering option appropriate to the lighting conditions. See your camera user guide online to determine the selections available on your camera model. The options may include:

  • Multi-pattern (default) - evaluates the lighting conditions at various points throughout the image to give an optimum picture exposure. Ideal for general picture-taking.
  • Center-weighted - evaluates the brightness over a wide area with emphasis on the center of the screen.
  • Center-spot - similar to Center-weighted, except the metering is concentrated on a smaller area of the subject centered in the viewfinder. Ideal when you need an exact exposure of a specific area in the picture. A graphic for Center-spot appears on the screen.
  • Selectable zone - creates an exposure-metering setting from a number of possible screen locations. If used with Selectable focus zone (see user's guide) they track together. Use right/left and up/down to move the cross-hair graphic to the desired zone.